777 1/72 BPK. Stage 4 of drawing.

In conditions of global quarantine and pandemic, we continue to work only thanks to your purchases, through our website and with our dealers. Thank you for buying our company products. Also, please look at the new CRJ-700 1/72 7215 1/72 model.

2 thoughts on “777 1/72 BPK. Stage 4 of drawing.

  1. Steve Guida says:

    The 777-300ER will be the greatest 72nd scale airliner kit ever produced! I hope you also eventually do the 777-200. It would be nice if you did the 777-200 cargo version as well.

  2. Adam says:

    Airbus A-330 would be a nice one to………. hope to get this 1/72 B-777 when and if it gets released…..

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