Decals for P-8A Poseidon 1/72

Dear friends. We will be painting the decals for P-8A Poseidon 1/72. We want to put the USA version and the Australian version in one box. What aircraft number would you like to have? Please write specific board (aircraft) numbers. We will start to sell the model at the end of this year.

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14 thoughts on “Decals for P-8A Poseidon 1/72

  1. rodney spooner says:

    But really any serial Australian P8 would be great!
    I am very happy you plan to do this:)
    Rodney Spooner
    Adelaide, Australia

  2. PG says:


    Would be great if you could also do Indian Navy decals 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    Royal Air Force Poseidon MRA 1 please.

  4. Rob says:

    Any RAAF P-8A would be fine by me!

  5. Klaus says:

    For a future option, German Navy markings would be also fine …

  6. Allan Withers says:

    Looking forward to this kit, how about enough numbers to do any one of the RAAF aircraft, thanks, regards Allan, Sydney.

  7. Trevor Leavesley says:

    RAF Poseidon MRA 1 please

  8. Curt Epstein says:

    Any update on when this might be available?

  9. ROKAF says:

    ROKAF please…

  10. kosmot says:

    ROKAF version please..

  11. Frank says:

    Provide enough options to allow for “pseudo” nose numbers for VPU-2 birds.

  12. Antonio says:

    RNZAF NZ4801 please

  13. Grant Porter says:

    Don’t forget the New Zealand PA-8s arriving next year. These will sell like hotcakes in NZ if NZ decals are included.

  14. Bruce Cooke says:

    RNZAF 5 Sqn please!

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