There are only 2pc 737-800 1/72 in stock now.

We only have 2 pieces in stock now. The large form on the fuselage was destroyed. The new fuselage form will be ready in 40-50 days. If you can’t wait, you can buy two complete kits, but with a slight fuselage defect. This defect is easily eliminated.

737-800 Qantas 1/72 7218

5 thoughts on “There are only 2pc 737-800 1/72 in stock now.

  1. Juan Carlos Domizio says:

    I want to buy one Boeing 737-800 with the fuselage damaged. please tell me the amount to pay by Paypal

  2. Steve Villasenor says:

    I’m interested to buy one kit 738-800 with the fuselage damage.

  3. João de Souza Ferreira says:

    Boa Noite Amigo !!! Parece que cheguei atrasado, com certeza já vendeu os 2 kits restantes, “danificados”, estou certo ? Gostaria muito de saber, quando colocarão a venda, novamente, o kit do B737-800, se há alguma previsão ?? Pela preciosa atenção, agradeço. Abraço. João Ferreira – Brasil

  4. Vince F. says:

    Why was there damage to the fuselage to begin with. How are you designing these planes while you are up there in Ukraine? Didn’t the Boeing company sent you drawings in which you make this kits?

  5. Mario Roussel says:

    I want to buy one defect.. thanks

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